Relational Database Model

Network Database Model

The Network Database Model was invented by Charles Bachman. In 1971, Charles Bachman published the Network Database Model Standard Specification through Conference On Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) Consortium. This Network Database Model is called CODASYL Model.

In the Network Database Model, Data is organized into Complex Tree Structure based on Parent and Child Data Relationships. A Parent Data File Entity can design with one or many Child Data File Entities and A Child Data File Entity can design with one or many Parent Data File Entities. This Multiple Parent or Child Data Relationships is called SET in the Network Database Model.

The Information can access from Parent Data into Child Data or Child Data into Parent Data. Network Database Model is supporting One-To-One, One-To-Many and Many-To-Many Relationships. This Model is suitable to design and develop Manufacturing Industry, Bank and Commerce Management Application.

Late 1960, Honeywell Corporation was developed Integrated Data Store (IDS) Product. This is the Second commercial Database Management System. This IDS Database organized a Standardized Data Records with another Standardized Data Records based on Network Database Model Concept. IDS Database was helped to design Complex Database Structure for Commerce Management Application. Digital Equipment Corporation and Data General Corporation was developed Network Database System.

IDS introduced different Data Security Mechanism and managed Data Redundancy, Data Inconsistency and Data Anomaly with enhanced Data Definition Language, Data manipulation Language. Even, IDS Network Database was followed the IMS Product Data Access Method like Pointer Concept to retrieve Data Records Quickly from high-volume Database.

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