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Overall, I have 15 years of experience in Analyze, Design, Program and Maintain Enterprise Information by using SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and ORACLE Databases. Specifically, I have 6 years of experience in OLTP and OLAP Data Architect and 3 years of experience in SQL Server DBA. I have sound knowledge in Business Process Model, Entity Relationship Model, Dimensional Data Model and some knowledge in Unified Modeling Language with Zachman Framework.


Data Architect Tools IBM RDA 7.0, MS Visio 2010, CA Erwin
Database Applications MS SQL Server, ORACLE, DB2, MySQL
Database Administration MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2 & 2012
BI Tool Applications Crystal Report, DTS, SSIS & SSRS
Domain Knowledge Health Care, Health Insurance, Finance, Sales and Aviation


Data Analyze

  • Investigate Enterprise’s Operation through Business Process Model.
  • Educate Enterprise’s Vertical and Horizontal Operational Flow to I.T. Team.
  • Prepare System Specification with Cross Functional and Data Flow Diagram.
  • Define and Maintain Database Capacity Plan and Growth Monitoring Statics Report.
  • Analyze and Define “Data Transmission Rules” for Data Cleaning and Integration Job.

Data Architecture

  • Design Data Mart Database?s Logical and Physical Database?s Data Structure.
  • Transform UML Class Architecture into Data Architecture in Forward Engineering Job.
  • Re-engineering Legacy Database?s Physical into Logical and Conceptual Data Structure.
  • Transform XSD Structure into Database?s Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Structure.
  • Audit Legacy Data Architecture with Transitive, Non-trivial, Lossless Join Mathematic Technique.

Database Administration

  • Installation, Configuration and Upgrading of Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012.
  • Create and Maintain Databases in Development, Staging and Production Environment.
  • Create and Maintain SERVER, DATABASE, OBJECT Level USER Role and Authentication.
  • Create and Maintain Full/Increment/Log Databases Backup and Restore based on Strategy.
  • Create, Monitor and Maintain INDEX through pre-defined Stored Procedures.
  • Re-write complex SQL Query, Stored Procedure based on SQL Query Execution Plan.
  • Analyze and design Table Partition based on Business Unit, Geographical and Transaction.
  • Create and Maintain SQL Server Agent JOB Schedule and Error Log Information.
  • Monitor and Maintain Database Performance through WINDOW & SQL Server Profiler.
  • Deploy DTS, SSIS and SSRS Project Solution in Development and Production Environment.

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