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Editions of SQL Server 2012

MS SQL Server 2012 software editions can categories into Principal Editions, Specialized Edition and Breadth Editions.
Principal Editions of SQL Server 2012
Production Database Server must install Principal Editions only. Three different types of SQL Server Components are available.
SQL Server Edition Description
Enterprise (64-bit and 32-bit) The premium offering, SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition delivers comprehensive high-end datacenter capabilities with blazing-fast performance, unlimited virtualization, and end-to-end business intelligence - enabling high service levels for mission-critical workloads and end user access to data insights.
Business Intelligence (64-bit and 32-bit) SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence edition delivers comprehensive platform empowering organizations to build and deploy secure, scalable and manageable BI solutions. It offers exciting functionality such as browser based data exploration and visualization; powerful data mash-up capabilities, and enhanced integration management.
Standard (64-bit and 32-bit) SQL Server 2012 Standard edition delivers basic data management and business intelligence database for departments and small organizations to run their applications and supports common development tools for on-premise and cloud - enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources.

Specialized Editions of SQL Server 2012
Specialized editions of SQL Server are targeted for business workloads. The following table describes the specialized editions of SQL Server.
SQL Server Edition Description
Web (64-bit and 32-bit) SQL Server 2012 Web edition is a low total-cost-of-ownership option for Web hosters and Web VAPs to provide scalability, affordability, and manageability capabilities for small to large scale Web properties.

Breadth Editions of SQL Server 2012
Breadth editions of SQL Server are engineered for specific customer scenarios and are offered FREE or at a very nominal cost. The following table describes the breadth editions of SQL Server.
SQL Server Edition Description
Developer (64-bit and 32-bit) SQL Server 2012 Developer edition lets developers build any kind of application on top of SQL Server. It includes all the functionality of Enterprise edition, but is licensed for use as a development and test system, not as a production server. SQL Server Developer is an ideal choice for people who build and test applications.
Express (64-bit and 32-bit) editions SQL Server 2012 Express edition is the entry-level, free database and is ideal for learning and building desktop and small server data-driven applications. It is the best choice for independent software vendors, developers, and hobbyists building client applications. If you need more advanced database features, SQL Server Express can be seamlessly upgraded to other higher end versions of SQL Server. New in SQL Server 2012 is SQL Server Express LocalDB, a lightweight version of Express that has all of its programmability features, yet runs in user mode and has a fast, zero-configuration installation and a short list of prerequisites.

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