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Transaction is a single unit of query process in the database. When, a transaction is successful, all updated data will stores permanently in the database. If, a transaction is fail, all updated data will erases from temporary memory that will not store in the database. SQL Server operates in the following transaction modes...
Autocommit Transactions
Each individual statement is a transaction
Explicit Transactions
Each transaction is explicitly started with the BEGIN TRANSACTION statement and explicitly ended with a COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement.
Implicit Transactions
A new transaction is implicitly started when the prior transaction completes, but each transaction is explicitly completed with a COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement.
Bach-scoped Transactions
Applicable only to multiple active result sets (MARS), a Transact-SQL explicit or implicit transaction that starts under a MARS session becomes a batch-scoped transaction. A batch-scoped transaction that is not committed or rolled back when a batch completed is automatically rolled back by SQL Server.
More Reference URL: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174377.aspx

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