Entity Relationship Model

Conceptual Data Model

Conceptual Data Model is a System Analytical Tool in the Entity Relationship Model that used to define a Business Process Flow based on Business Information. Conceptual Data Model is helps to identify and defines a Business Entities with Degree of Relationship, Connectivity and Cardinality of Relationships and then Types of Relationships.

Directly, the complete Business Entities Relationships cannot implement in the Relational Database Model. Relational Database Model is support Binary and Unary Relationships that does not support Ternary and N-ary Relationships between Entities.

An actual, Conceptual Data Model must be analyze and redesign with Generalization Hierarchical Entity, Associate Entity and Eliminate Redundant Relationships between Entities. An improved, Conceptual Data Model is simplifies to design Logical and Physical Data Model.

The following Conceptual Data Model is defines an "Online Sales Management System".

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