Dimensional Data Model

Business Intelligence

BI - Business Intelligence is an Enterprise-aided Model that used a compilation of Process Analytical Methods, Data Architecture Methodologies, Technologies, and Applications to get the Right Information, to the Right Decision Makers, at the Right Time.

IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn is defined that “The ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented FACTs in such a way as to guide action towards a desired Goal.”

The following questions are helps to take decision …

      01. What happened?

      02. What is happening?

      03. What did it happen?

      04. What will happen?

      05. What do I want to happen?

Business Intelligence is helps to provide the answers from Data Warehouse.

Business Intelligence is a Decision Support System in Information Technology.

DSS - Decision Support System is a computer-aided model that helps to take Business Decision and prepare Plan though Business Historical / Transactional Information via OLTP Database or Data warehouse.

OLTP is a source component, Data Warehouse is storage component, OLAP, Data Mining, and Ad-hoc Queries are some analytical components in Business Intelligence.

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