Dimensional Data Model

Conformed Dimension

Data warehouse's data is often segmented into specialized components is called Data Marts that address individual components of the Organization. For example, Enterprise Data Warehouse's data can segmented into Sales Data Mart, Inventory and Shipping Data Mart, Finance Data Mart, Geographical Data Mart, HR and Management Data Mart and so on.

Conformed Dimension is describes a common structured dimension that shared across the various FACT tables in the Data Warehouse. Conformed Dimensions are used to avoid redundant data in the Data Warehouse.

An instance, Sales Management Data Warehouse can design with Purchase, Inventory and Sales core components. The following Sales Management Data Warehouse is designed with Purchase_Fact, Daily_Inventory_Fact and Sales_Fact tables that integrated with common Date_Dimension, Store_Dimension, Product_Dimension and Employee_Dimension tables.

This Sales Management Data Warehouse can de-compose into Purchase, Inventory and Sales core components through cubes. Each cube can formed with one Fact that integrates with Date, Store, Product and Employee conformed dimensions and then relevant shared dimensions.

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