Dimensional Data Model

OLTP - Online Transaction Processing System

OLTP – Online Transaction Processing System is used to store and maintains Business Transactional Information in the Database. OLTP Database is helps to generate MIS Transaction Report for Management to know the status of Business Transaction.

An instance, Inventory Management System is one kind of Online Transaction Processing System. By default, Customer, Product, Supplier, Employees are Entity of OLTP System and Purchase, Sales, Shipping and Delivery are Event of OLTP System.

When, Sales Event happened, the application user must be update Sales Transactional Information in the Database and then prepare Sales Invoice Report quickly to get Sales Amount from Customer.

In the OLTP, the complex database structure must be decompose into many simple database structures that help to store, retrieve and maintain data quickly in the Database Management System.

OLTP Database Architecture can design through Entity Relationship Model and Normalization Technique.

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