Relational Database Model

RA Operators and Symbols

Relational Algebra invented from first-order logic (Predicate Logic) that helps to define one or more Relations and operate through Relational Algebra Operators to produce new Relation is called "Closure".

Relational Algebra Operation can be categories into "Unary Operation", "Binary Operation" and "SET Theory Operation". Relational Algebra Operation extended with Outer Join, Aggregate Function and Generalization Projection.

Relational Algebra is a Mathematical Procedural Method that helps to define and retrieve SET of Information in the Relational Database Model. Relational Database Query Engine is internally translates SQL Query into Relational Algebra Formula that helps to Create, Rewrite, Optimize Query and Execute Database Operation.

RA and Codd's Algebra Operators

Selection Operator Natural Join Operator
Projection Operator Theta Join Operator
Cartesian Product Operator Left Outer Join Operator
SET Union Operator Right Outer Join Operator
SET Difference Operator Full Outer Join Operator
Rename Operator Division Operator
- SET Intersection Operator

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