Application Process Diagram is developed in Object Oriented Programming Language and integrated with Relational Database Management System to maintain Business Information. Web Pages, Application Component Files and Database Script Files are implemented in the Server System that access through Client Computer System.

Web Browser is an Application Program that helps to display web page on the Computer and helps to interact with World Wide Web. Web Browser is uses HTTP to send request and receive a web page from Web Server. Web Browser is uses FTP to upload and download web page from Web Server. The most popular web browser applications are Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Web Server is a Computer or Hardware Machine that install with Operating System and Web Server Application along with TCP/IP and Internet Protocols. Web Server is maintaining Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and File Transfer Protocol requests along with Email, Server Side Program, Web Security and Search Engine Application on the Internet.

Application Server is a Framework that developed with collection of component files to maintain Web Application on the Internet. Application Server is helps to communicating among Internal and External Web Server, Application Server and Database Server to maintain information on the Internet.

Database Server is a standalone Computer that installed with Operating System and Database Management System Application. Database Server is communicating with Application Server or Web Server to maintain Business Information on the Internet. Database Management System is a Set of Computer Programs to Create and Maintain Business Information in the Database.
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