History of Internet

Internet is integrated with collection of networks around the world and numerous people are using Internet and exchanging Information from one end to another end by using Computer and Hardware Devices. Internet System is invented from ARPANET System.

ARPANET was created by Advanced Research Projects Agency and controlled by U.S. Government on 1969. ARPANET System was developed and integrated with one University Research Computer into another University Research Computer to transmit data from source computer into designed computer.

ARPANET System is a Private Wide Area Network that developed to transmit data packets more than one direction on the Computer Network Environment and helped to protect Network Environment from Human Attack or Nature Calamity Problem.

INTERNET System is a Public Wide Area Network that helps to communicate one Computer into another Computer in the Internal and External Computer Network Environment to share "Hardware Devices", "Business Information", "Electronic Text, Image and Multimedia File Transfer", "Distribute Application Process Workload" and "Communication inside and outside of the Organization".

INTERNET is maintaining by different Organization throughout the World. Internet Service Providers are provides Internet Access to connect a Local Area Network into Internet. Internet Society, IETF, ISOC, W3C, ISO and IEC organizations are maintaining and promoting Internet Standards to create an enhanced INTERNET.
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