Firewall & Proxy Server System

Firewall is an Application or Hardware Device or Combination of Application and Hardware Device that monitor and maintain Computer Network Traffic between Local Area Network and Internet Environment. Firewall is helps to block unauthorized Internet users to access a Local Area Network from Intranet or Internet.

Typically, Firewall is installed or integrated with Network Gateway Server Computer or Network Router Hardware Device and then communicate with Intranet or Internet. Most of Firewall Hardware device is manufactured with GUI Application that helps to maintain Network User Information, Generate Monitoring Report and Automatic Alarms Message to protect a Local Area Network from Internet Hacker and Computer Virus.

Firewall Hardware Device or Application is implemented with different approach to monitor and maintain unauthorized and unwanted network traffic through Network Layer Packet Filter Technique, Host and Network Computer IP Address Technique, Application Layer File Transaction Protocol Technique and Proxy System Operation Technique.

Proxy Server is helps to communicate between Local Area Network Server into Web Hosting Server on the Internet. Proxy Server is using Caching Memory System that helps to improve Internet Access Speed. Caching Memory System is maintaining viewed website image, and multimedia files on a Local Hard Drive that avoid re-download files from the website.

Periodically, Cache Memory should clean to store new and updated website image and multimedia files. Proxy Server hides Computer IP Address and block insecure website access by using Firewall Application to avoid Computer Virus on the Internet.

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