Anti-Virus Application

Computer Virus is an Artificial Application Program that installed in the computer without knowledge of computer user. Computer Virus is occupies available memory space and then slowdown the computer process or else collect personalized information to do criminal activity on the Internet. Computer virus is spreading through portable memory device, when attach the virus infected portable memory device with a computer.

Dangerous type of virus is capable to break the Network Security System and transmit virus on the Network. Computer virus is categories into Spyware, Malware, Backdoor, Exploit, Phoney or Hoax, Spam, Phishing, Trojan Horse and WORM. Computer virus is spreading through website, pop-up advertisements, email messages and direct file sharing connection method on the Internet.

Anti-virus is an Intelligent Application Program that runs over Operation System to protect a Computer from Computer Viruses. Anti-virus application is helps to detect and delete viruses from affected Computer Hard Disk or Portable Disk Memory.

Periodically, an Anti-virus application must be runs to detect and delete viruses from computer on the Local Area Network. Periodically, an Anti-virus Application must be update to detect and delete from new Computer viruses.

When connect a computer with Internet, an Anti-virus application must be run in the background to avoid Computer viruses on the Internet.
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