Transform Data into Diagram

01. Analyze and Define High Level Business Process Flow

02. Analyze and Decompose Business Process Flow

03. Analyze and Define Process Control Flow Question

04. Analyze and Arrange Process Flow in the Hierarchical Format

05. Analyze and Define Business Entities (Department / People)

06. Analyze and Define Business Process Phase (Production / Sales)

07. Design Vertical or Horizontal Swim Lane for each Process Entity

08. Design Horizontal or Vertical Separator Lane for each Process Phase.

09. Determine Process Flow Diagram, Phase and Swim Lane Entity Name.

10. Design Process and Control Flow Symbol in the Swim Lane for each Entity.

11. Determine Process and Control Flow Symbol unique identification Notes.

12. Analyze and Delete Duplicate Process and Control Flow Symbol from the Diagram.

13. Analyze and Define Source and Target Process Symbols by Arrow Head Line.

14. Analyze Process Improvement Element and Define additional Process Symbol.

15. Evaluate the Process Flow Diagram with Business Analyst and Subject Expert in the Business Organization and enhance the Process Flow Diagram.
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