FACT Constellation Schema

FACT Constellation Schema is describes a logical database structure of Data Warehouse or Data Mart. FACT Constellation Schema can design with collection of de-normalized FACT, Shared and Conformed Dimension tables. FACT Constellation Schema is an extended and decomposed STAR Schema.

FACT Constellation Schema is complicated database design that is difficult to summarize data. FACT Constellation Schema can implement between Aggregate FACT tables or else where to decompose a complex FACT table into independent simplex FACT tables.

Conformed Dimension is describes a common structured dimension that shared across the various FACT tables in the Data Warehouse. Conformed Dimensions are used to avoid redundant data in the Data Warehouse.

An instance, Sales Management Data Warehouse can design with Purchase, Inventory and Sales core components. The following Sales Management Data Warehouse is designed with Purchase_Fact, Daily_Inventory_Fact and Sales_Fact tables that integrated with common Date_Dimension, Store_Dimension, Product_Dimension and Employee_Dimension tables.

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