System Analyze Method

Component of DFD

Data Flow Diagram is re-present about System or a Sub System Process along with Data Flow, Data Storage and External Entity components. Context Diagram can design with any appropriate Notation and the Data Flow Diagram should design with following Pictograms. In practice, the Process, Data Flow, Data Store and External Entity should transform into Application Code, Screen, Data File and Application End User.

01. The Process Component should transform into Application Code with Input Data Validation, Application Function and Application Procedure to Manage Business Process Information.

02. The External Entity Data Flow Component should transform into Application Screen, possibly, Window Form or Web Page to get Input Information from Application End User.

03. The Process Data Flow Component should transform into Application SQL Statement to Insert, Update and Delete Business Information in the Data File or Selection Information from Data File.

04. The Data Storage Component should transform into Data Flat File or Database to Store and Maintain Business Information.

05. The External Entity Component is Operating a Business or Application.

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