System Analyze Method

Context Diagram

Every Business System is operating through a set of Business Process with valid Information. A complex Business System can not re-present in a single Data Flow Diagram. In practice, a complex Business System should decompose into many Sub System. According to the Sub Systems Complexity, may be, a Sub System should decompose into next level of Sub System. An instance, an Organization formed with Commercial, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Computer and Administration Department. Possibly, the Commercial Department can determine into Marketing, Purchase and Advertisement Sections.

Context Diagram is re-present a Hierarchical Business Process with External Entity, who is operating a Business. Context Diagram is also called Zero Level or Context Level Data Flow Diagram. A Context Diagram can design with any appropriate Notation. A Context Diagram should expend into many Data Flow Diagram.

An instance, a Sales Management System is operating through Sales Order, Quotation, Sales Agreement, Purchase, Production, Shipping Goods, Sales Invoice and Goods Warehouse Process with Employee, Customer, Supplier, Transporter and Management Team. The following image is re-presenting you about Context Diagram.

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