System Analyze Method

System Analyze Q & A

A Business or Application System can recognize from six common questions.

Why? About Business Objective

How? About Business Process

Where? About Business Place

What? About Business Product

Who? About Business Entity

When? About Business Time

These Six questions are help to identify and define component of Business or Application System. The consequence should help to design a Process Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and Data Architecture. I am requesting you to read the "An Imaginary System" session from this web site and then continue to read this Simple System Analyze Q & A.

Determine Business Factor (WHY?)

Every Business System is design and operating with particular objective. An Organization can determine into two types are call Profit Organization or Non-Profit Organization. An instance, a Profit Organization can generate their profit from Product Manufacture or Product Sales or Product Service or Health Service or Insurance Service or Communication Service or Transport Service or Finance Service or Banking Service and a Non-profit Organization can achieve their organization objective from Health Service or Education Service or Help Line Service or Legal Service. A Profit Organization is form with one or more people with Investment. A Non-Profit Organization is form with one or more people with Donation.

The iPC-e-Market Inc. is a Profit Oriented Company through Computer Product Sales and Marketing Computer Equipment. The management team is decided to increase their Computer Product Sales from Tele Marketing Concept into e-Commerce System and they planned to introduce new web site in the e-Market.

Business Factor: Company, Investment, Management Team and Profit from Sales.

Decompose Business Factor (HOW?)

Every Business System is form and maintain with Set of Policy and Procedure. A complex Business System is operates from different Sub-System. An instance, most of the Profit Business Organization are decompose the entire Business Operation into Finance, Commercial, Marketing, Manufacturing, Administration, Computer, Transport and Warehouse Process to control the Business Operation.

The iPC-e-Market Inc. is decomposed the "Sales Management System" into Sales Order Process, Quotation Process, Purchase Order Process, Production Order Process, Warehouse Process and Finance Management Process through Commercial, Manufacture, Warehouse, Transport and Finance Department.

Functional Factor: Sales Order, Quotation, Purchase Order, Production Order, Maintain Goods in Warehouse and Finance Management System.

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