Dimensional Data Model

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is a centralized repository of Enterprise's Historical and Operational Information that helps to queries and analysis Enterprise Operation to take Management Decision.

Data warehouse is a Logical Collection of Information gathered from many different Operational Databases that helps to queries and analysis Enterprise Operation to take Management Decisions.

Data warehousing is aimed at the timely delivery of the right information to the right individuals in an organization. This is an ongoing process, not a one-time solution, and requires a different approach from that required in the development of transaction-oriented systems.

Data warehouse operation can categories into three different layers like Staging Layer, Integration Layer and Access Layer. Staging Layer is used to store Raw Data for Developers; Integration Layer is used to Integrate Data with Level of abstraction from Users. Access Layer is used to Prepare Analytical Report for End-Users.

Data warehouse can categories based on Design Methodologies and Philosophical Approaches. Yet, the common operational flow is:

01. Data is organized based on Subjective of Enterprise Operation or Entity that reflecting a data-driven design. An instance, the data warehouse design is based on Sales, Purchase, Service Subjective or Customer, Supplier, Employee, Product Entity of Enterprise.

02. Data are extracts, transforms and loads in Data Warehouse from non-integrated Heterogeneous Source or Online Transaction System.

03. Data warehouse design will change based on Enterprise Operation or Legacy System changes over period of time.

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