DFD Presentation Technique

A Data Flow Diagram should design and present with unique component Placement Style, Placement Direction, Connector Style and Connector Appearance. The following matrix is presents a list of Component Placement and Connector Optional Information. A unified presentation idea should help to design a structured Data Flow Diagram.

The Circular Placement Style, Right Angle Connector Style and Straight Connector options are help to design a definite Data Flow Diagram. How?

Circular Placement Style: - Data Flow Diagram is a Process Oriented and Graphical Method to re-present an Organization Business Process, Data Storage, Data Flow and External Entity Information. Business Process is a centralized component in the Data Flow Diagram and the Business Process should map with External Entity into Data Storage through Data Flow.

No Placement Direction: - Circular Placement Style does not have any Direction.

Right Angle Connector Style: - Individually, every External Entity and Data Storage Component can connect with centralized Process Component.

Straight Connector Appearance: - Straight Connector is display with semicircle, when overflow on other Connector Line.

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