Why Need Data Architecture?

Business Process is a centralized component in the Data Flow Diagram. In Data Flow Diagram, the Business Process (Policy / Procedure) should map with External Entity into Data Storage through Data Flow. A Data Flow Diagram is re-presenting a well defined Business Process Information with Less amount of Data Storage Information.

Business is not a Constant. Time to time, the Business Operational workflow should change to enhance the Business Profit and reduce Business Loss by Management Team through Feasibility Study. Data Flow Diagram is help to Management Team to recognize the Business Enhancement Factor from the Present Business Process.

At the same time, whenever, a Management should change a Business Process, the new Process should affect the Application Code and Data Storage Component (Data Flat File / Database). In practice, most of the Application Designer designs the Data File or Database Design from Application Layer Screen, Report Layout, Query Requirement and the Client Organization Paper Documents. According to the new Business Operational workflow, time to time, the programmer needs to update the Application Layout and update Data File or Database Design with new requirement. Dynamic changes should increase the Application Maintain Cost.

Even the Application Maintain Cost should affect the Business Profit. How to reduce Application Maintain Cost? Implement the Data Analytical Approach with traditional Process Analytical Approach. Why? A Business is Operating through validated Information with Set of Function and Procedure. Hence, the Information is the foundation to the Application and Business.

Dr. Peter Chen was invented the Entity Relationship Modeling Approach to recognize a Business or an Application through Business Information. The Business Data is a centralized component in the Data Architecture. The Business Data should map with Business Process and External Entity Factor.

Data Flow Diagram and Entity Relationship Modeling is a good combination approach to recognize a New or Legacy Business or Application System. Data Flow Diagram is a Process Oriented Graphical Method to re-present an Organization Business Process and the Entity Relationship Model is a Data Oriented Graphical Method to re-present an Organization Business Data File or Database Information. Data Flow Diagram should help to Management Team and Data Architecture should help to Application Development Team to enhance the Business and maintain the Application.

In modern Application Development Environment, most of the Data Analyst is implementing the Data Flow Diagram along with Data Architecture Concept in their Data Analytical Document to transform their recognized the Business and Application Information to the Management and Application Development Team.
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