Centralized Network Architecture

In the Centralized Network Architecture, Application Program Language must deploy in the Server Computer along with Server Operating System and Client Operating System must deploy in the Client Computer and then configure the Client Computer into Server Computer through Operating System Communication Application.

Client Computer is help to send application request and receive response from Server Computer to maintain Business Information. Server Computer is help to receive application request and send response to Client Computer to maintain Business Information.

Server Computer is helps to execute Application Presentation Code, Get Input Data from End User, Validate Input Data with Domain Policy and than maintain Data in the Data File to prepare Management Information Report through File Server Operating System. Complete Application Process work loads are maintaining in the Server Computer and No Intelligence Application Process work in the Client Computer.

Note: In the traditional Application Development Environment (1950 - 1970), every Business Information categorized and stored in the Computer System like Data File and maintain through Application Code File. Computer Manufacturer Company provided Computer Operating System to track the Application Code and Data File based on the File Location and File Name. This is called File Management System. No Intelligence Process to Manage Business Information.

The following Diagrams are representing you about Centralized Network Architecture, Application Process and Execution Plan.

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