N - Tier Client Server Architecture

N - Tier Client Server Network Architecture is an integrated Server System that helps to Distribute Data and Application workloads between different Web Server and Application Server. Application Server is helps to integrated different Internal and External Database in the Centralized Server System.

Web Server is maintaining Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and File Transfer Protocol requests along with Email, Server Side Program, Web Security and Search Engine Application on the Internet. Application Server is helps to communicating among Internal and External Web Server, Application Server and Database Server to maintain information on the Internet. Database Server is communicating with Application Server or Web Server to maintain Business Information on the Internet.

Client Computer, Web Browser Application is helps to execute Online Application Presentation Code, Get Input Data from End User, Validate Input Data with Domain Policy and send the Data to Server Computer to Execute the Core Business Process and maintain Data in the DBMS Application otherwise, send query request and receive Data from Server Computer via Application Server Object Files and DBMS Application to display the Output Data (Report) to the End User.

Server Computer, Web Server Application is helps to receive data and query from Client Computer, execute Data with Application Server Object Files. Application Server Object Files is helps to execute the request data and query in the Internal and External DBMS and then provide requested Data to the Client Computer through Web Server and Operating System.

Note: Web Service is a standardized approach that helps to combine a common business procedure and share business data among two different applications on Internet. By default, web services are not having GUI screen and the web services can import or integrate with web application. Web Services is operating on different computer operating system and program languages. Web Service can develop and deploy through Web Service Description Language (WSDL) or Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Technology.

The following Diagrams are representing you about N - Tier Client Server Network Architecture, Application Process and Execution Plan.

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