Thick Client and Thin Server (Window Technology)

In the Thick Client and Thin Server Environment, a Database Management System must deploy in the Server Computer and Application Execution File must deploy in the Client Computer and then configure the Client Computer Application into Server Computer Database Management System through ODBC or OLE DB or JDBC Operating System Database Driver Application.

Client Computer Application is helps to execute Application Presentation Code, Get Input Data from End User, Validate Input Data with Domain Policy and send the Data to Server Computer to maintain Data in the DBMS Application otherwise, send query request and receive Data from Server Computer via DBMS Application to display the Output Data (Report) to the End User.

Server Computer is helps to receive query from Client Computer, execute the request query in the DBMS and then provide requested Data to the Client Computer through Operating System.

Note: Database Management System was invented with Structured Query Language to manage Business Information in the Database. Database Management System is a Set of Computer Programs to Create and Maintain Business Information in the Database. The Data Structure and Data Information manage through Database. Database Management System is helps to reduce volume of Application Code and Complex Process Code.

The following Diagrams are representing you about Thick Client and Thin Server Network Architecture, Application Process and Execution Plan.

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