OSI Network Model

Layer 01: Physical Layer

Physical Layer is help to transmission raw bit data between communication equipments in the Network Environment through Electrical and Hardware Device. Physical Layer is communicates with Data Link Layer.

Layer 02: Data Link Layer

Data Link Layer is help to establish and disconnect Data Link Connection and help to provide error free communication between hardware adjacent devices on the Network Environment. Data Link Layer communicates with Network Layer.

Layer 03: Network Layer

Network Layer is help to routing raw bit data packets sequences from source to destination computer on the Network Environment. Network Layer implements a packet switching infrastructure concept and maintains the data congestion type of problem. Network Layer communicates with Transport Layer.

Layer 04: Transport Layer

Transport Layer is help to provide end-to-end data transport services between User Process and not just equipment communication in the Network Environment. An instance, the User requests a huge data that more than Network Access Time, then Transport Layer should establish multiple Network connection and provide protocol for link sharing and deliver data. Transport Layer is help to manage Network data transit delay, delay time and error information on the Network Environment. Transport Layer communicates with Session Layer.

Layer 05: Session Layer

Session Layer is help to establish, maintain communication connection from source application to destination application on the Network Environment. Session Layer is provides duplex or half-duplex operation and establishes check point, adjournment, termination and restart application procedure to transmission data from one application to other application.

An instance, a Client User send a complex query to Application Server, the session layer generate Session ID and maintain through Server Side Application. After complete the requested data process, the Application Server send the response to the particular Application User based on the Session ID. Session Layer communicates with Presentation Layer.

Layer 06: Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer is help to reformat raw bit data into Syntax (Structure) and Semantics (Meaning) Information through "Internal Data Representation Conversion Function, Data Compression Function and then Data Encryption Function". Presentation Layer communicates with Application Layer.

Layer 07: Application Layer

Application Layer is help to re-present information to the Application User to access data through Application.
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