WAN - Wide Area Network

Wide Area Network is equivalent to Telecommunication Network Concept. Wide Area Network can categories into Private WAN and Public WAN. The Private WAN is helps to communicate one Computer into another Computer in the internal and external Computer Network Environment to share "Hardware Devices", "Business Information", "Electronic Text and Image File Transfer", "Distribute Application Process Workload" and "communication within an Organization".

Internet is a Public Wide Area Network. Internet Service Providers are provide Network Connections from an Organization Local Area Network into the Internet. WAN is most often built with Leased Lines. Each Leased Line connects with Router to Hub from Local Area Network into Internet. Public Wide Area Network can build with Circuit Switching or Packet Switching Method by using TCP/IP Internet Protocol to transmission data from Internet into Computer.

Wide Area Network communication is happing around and outside Campus Building, an instance, International Bank, Airline, International Organization.

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