Wireless Technology

Wireless communication is uses radio frequencies, microwave, and infrared waves are called electromagnetic waves. IEEE develops and publishes Wireless Technology Standard is called IEEE 802.11. Wi-Fi Alliance is a non-profit organization and associate Wi-Fi Alliance with 300 Hardware Device Manufacture Companies. Wi-Fi Alliance is helps to promote Wireless Local Area Network and Certifies Hardware Devices based on IEEE 802.11 Radio Standards, WPA Security Standards and EAP Authentication Standard.

Wireless Access Point is an Electronic Device that transmits electromagnetic waves on AIR. Wireless Adapter Card or Antenna is helps to receives electromagnetic waves from AIR. Wireless Access Point, Wireless Adapter Card and Antenna are helps to transmit data from one end to another end in the Network Environment.

Wireless Access Point is working like Network Hub Device. Wireless Repeater is helps to extend a Local Area Network Communication Distance. Wireless Network Bridge is help to connect two Local Area Networks in the Computer Network Environment. Wireless Router is helps to connect two Local Area Network or Wide Area Network or Internet Service Provider Network in the Computer Network Environment through Cable Modem else DSL Modem.

Wireless method is an expensive to build a complete Wireless Local Area Network and provide Network Security Problem. Wireless method is good and helps to integrate an Internet Service Provider Network with Local Area Network, Personal Area Network, Mobile Computer, Mobile Phone and Mobile Electronic Devices through Satellite.

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