Network Router

Network Router is hardware device and helps to connect two Local Area Network or Wide Area Network or Internet Service Provider Network in the Computer Network Environment. Router can connect through wire or wireless Radio Signals Method. In the Open Source Interconnection Network Model, Router is a gateway to communicate two Network Layers through Protocol Headers like IP Header Address and forward data packets from one Network into another Network. Router analyzes and maintains Network Traffic, Find out Possible Communication Channel and then distributes Data Packets from one Network into another Network through Routing Protocol like ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol.

Ethernet Hub and Network Switch are receives Data Packet and then Distribute Data Packet from source hardware device into designated hardware device through wire in the Computer Network Environment. Home network can configure with Internet Protocol wired or wireless router. DSL or Cable Modem Broadband Router is helps to connect Local Area Network into Public Wide Area Network Environment is called Internet.

Note: Network Protocol is a collection of function and procedure and help to communicate and data transmission from source hardware into designed hardware device in the Computer Network Environment.
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