Ethernet Card

Ethernet Card is a Network Adapter and can say Network Card. Ethernet Concept was invented by Xerox on around 1970 and enhanced the concept by Xerox, Digital and Intel Corporation. The standard and IEEE approved Ethernet introduced on 1980. Ethernet Card is help to communicate "Multipoint Data Communication System" in the Computer Network Environment and help to detect and avoid Network Collision Problem in the Local Area Network. Ethernet Card is easy to install in the Computer Hardware Device and Configure with Server Computer in the Network Environment. Ethernet Card Address is a unique hardware number and helps to identify source and destination hardware information in the Computer Network Environment. Ethernet Card can manage different Network Transaction Speed and data transmission in the Computer Network Environment.

Directly, an Ethernet Card cannot connect with Wi-Fi wireless Network Environment. Ethernet Card can operate with different Network Transmission Speed. Home Network Broadband Router is designed with basic functionality to connect with Ethernet Card via Cable to communicate with Wi-Fi Devices via the Router.

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