Coaxial or Coax Cable

Coaxial Cable is manufacture with one copper conductor in the center of the wire and this conductor enclosed with plastic layer and then braided metal wire inside the wire jacket. The shield braided metal is helps to connect Electrical Equipment and Electronic Devices. Coaxial Cable idea was invented by Oliver Heaviside on 1880 and different people enhanced this concept and implemented this type of cable in the Computer Network Environment.

Coaxial Cable is transmits Electronic Signal from one end to another end to transmit data in the Network Environment. Coaxial Cable is help to prevent from data transmission "Electro Magnetic Interference" in the Computer Network Environment. Coaxial Cable is an expensive to build a Local Area Network. Coaxial Cable is difficult to install and connect Ethernet Cards and Hardware Devices through Bayone-Neill-Concelman (BNC) Connectors.

Coaxial Cable categories into to two types are called "Thick Coaxial Cable and Thin Coaxial Cable". The Network Communication Distance must be 1 to 185 meters (Thin Coaxial) or 1 to 500 meters (Thick Coaxial). Coaxial Cable data transmission approximate cost is 10 to 100 Mbps.

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